What precautions should I take after a hurricane or tropical storm?
If you were required to evacuate your residence, do not return home until officials announce that it is safe to return. Use caution before you re-enter your damaged home.

What do I need to know to clean my storm-damaged home?
When you fix your storm-damaged home or return to collect items, we recommend the following: ensure that you are healthy and able to perform the activities safely, wear an appropriate respirator, eye protection and gloves, stay hydrated, and take frequent breaks.

Be careful when cleaning up.
Families and volunteers are urged to exercise caution in areas that have been impacted by a hurricane or tropical storm. Hazardous debris, down power lines, and storm damaged homes and buildings may pose a danger.

What if my house was flooded?
If food and beverage containers with screw-caps, snap lids, crimped caps (soda bottles), twist caps, flip tops, and home canned foods have come in contact with flood water that may be contaminated, discard them. Do not drink anything that may have been in contact with flood water.

Continue listening to local radio or televisions stations for the latest information.