Unemployment Benefits Services | Texas Workforce Commission

Staggered Access Times

Effective immediately, TWC asks that Texans use their area code to find their proposed call and access times listed below.

File your claims based on your area code beginning with:

️ 9: file claims on Mon, Wed + Fri – 8am – 12pm

️ 3, 4, 5, 6: file claims on Mon, Wed + Fri – 1pm – 5pm

️ 7, 8: file claims on Tues, Thurs + Sat – 8am – 12pm

️️ 2: file claims on Tues, Thurs + Sat – 1pm – 5pm

Texans will not be penalized for a delay due to call or user volume. Claims for individuals affected by COVID-19 are eligible to be backdated. Staggering claims will provide help to reduce frustrations for many Texans and provide better access to needed services.

Tele-center Number: 800-939-6631