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FEMA – Harvey Rumor Control

For the latest rumors regarding Hurricane Harvey, please visit the official FEMA site:

July 31, 2019


Protect Yourself from Disaster-Related Fraud and Scams

As storms and flooding wreak havoc across Texas, FEMA officials are warning of another danger: scam artists and unscrupulous contractors out to fleece communities and survivors struggling to recover from disaster. Be aware of these most common post-disaster scams: Housing inspectors: If home damage is visible from the street, an owner/applicant may be vulnerable to […]

July 22, 2019


TRUE Rumor: Inspectors Sending Text Messages

There have been reports that FEMA inspectors are allowed to send text messages to survivors. This is TRUE An inspector should only text a survivor to set up an appointment or to let them know when they will arrive. A FEMA inspector will not send text messages asking for personal information.

July 17, 2019