If you are not able to pay your rent because of loss of income due to COVID-19, it is important to advise your landlord as soon as possible. A number of landlords are working with their residents to accommodate them during this pandemic. Some landlords may waive fees, apply security deposits to the rent or temporarily abate rent. You must be prepared to verify your income interruption. Make sure that the arrangements that you make with your landlord are in writing. Should you need assistance with paying your rent, please contact a Resource Navigator. Resource Navigators are individuals who have been trained to work closely with the residents of Harris County to assist with providing information that can help you with your housing needs which includes locating rental housing to meet your needs, providing financial resources to help with your rent, mortgage, utilities, as well as other needs pertaining to housing. You can reach a Resource Navigator by calling 832.927.4955 or sending an email to: hrc@csd.hctx.net.